Family Promise of Western New York

Building Communities, Strengthening Lives

"Family Promise has assisted me with help as far as computers and a phone to look for apartments.  They gave me a safe clean place for me and my family to stay and most of all they allowed me and my family to stay together. 
Also they have volunteers putting out bulletins saying that we have lost everything and they are receiving donations for furniture, dishes, beds, linens basically helping me so me and my family could have everything we need when we find our apartment. 
All of the volunteers & families that have helped ou
t have been so kind and helpful, they really try to make it feel like a home for you and your family."

 Former Guest Family


“When I first came to Buffalo I had nowhere to go. Thanks to Family Promise of WNY me and my son had a place to stay while we looked for a home. The staff was very helpful and never gave up until I found a place to live.

I would just like to say thank you Family Promise of WNY for everything that you have done for me and my son.”

Former Guest Family of Family Promise of WNY


“Family Promise opened their doors for my son, (her son) and I to come in when I was faced with a housing issue.  I was feeling overwhelmed with emotions because I could not understand why I was put in that position.  I had lost all faith.

 Family promise provided more than shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and household necessities.  They also gave us comfort and respect.  (Her son) is disabled, being born with Down syndrome.  Once the staff and volunteers met him, they were more than happy to provided accommodations for his special needs.  Each one was more than concerned of the choices I was making for future housing and the areas in which I was looking to reside.

 Being a client of Family Promise was the best thing that has happened for the both of us.  For (her son), I believe he would say he enjoyed being in the program because he met so many new friends.  He was so excited playing basketball and other activities in the gyms and other entertainment areas.  As for me, I feel the best part was not only receiving assistance, but to be able to join in the worship services on Sundays and to understand the different types of Christianity.  My faith was not just restored but now it is stronger than ever.”

Former guest Family


“My family and I lost our home and had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. Family Promise of WNY was especially helpful during our stay. They never made us feel homeless, just temporarily displaced.

We’re now in our own home and we still have the friendship and support of Family Promise. Family Promise is more than a name, it’s a promise to help your family.”

Former Guest Family of Family Promise of WNY

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