More About Family Promise of WNY

 Family Promise of WNY is a cost-efficient, effective, and replicable community response to homelessness. We bring together existing community resources, especially faith congregations, to assist us with our mission. Family Promise of WNY is committed to keeping families together during their time of homelessness. Most emergency shelters separate men and women, which increases the stress of their situation. Family Promise is one of only three emergency shelter providers in Erie County that solely focuses on keeping families together during the crisis of homelessness. We do this through the following core services:

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are the heart of Family Promise of WNY and are essential to our success. Over 500 volunteers are currently involved with Family Promise of WNY, working on behalf of the host and support congregations providing services such as such as cooking and serving meals, playing with children, helping with homework, and just being there for families showing them compassion, respect, and sharing a sence of community. 

Case Management & Follow-Up

Support services are provided by a professional Case Manager to help families link to needed services such as finding housing, jobs and benefits. Once a family leaves Family Promise of WNY, they are never alone. Family Promise of WNY stays in contact with families for as long as they need support.

Resource Center

Our network van transports our guest families to our Day Center where they can receive mail, catch the school bus, and get ready to head to work. The Day Center provides guests with a home-like environment where they have access to laundry facilities, shower, kitchen, phone, and internet to seek out employment, housing, day care, and other benefits to get started on the path toward self-sufficiency.

Family Promise

2016 Annual Report

Download our 2016 annual report and get an inside look at what's happening at Family Promise of WNY

2016 Annual Report PDF (pdf)