Understanding the Issue

Want to know what homelessness feels like through the eyes of a child?  Check out this video from the National Alliance to End Homelessness, called  "Parents and Kids Talk about Homelessness". . .

Many, many factors contribute to a family falling into the crisis of homelessness. 

Begin to understand the impact of trauma over a lifetime with this powerful Ted Talk below which was given by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and is called, "How Childhood Trauma Affects Health throughout a Lifetime". 

Stats about Homelessness

Family Promise of WNY combats these reasons by:

  • Keeping our shelter model small-scale with only 3 families at a time
  • Prioritizing a few key rules to minimize barriers to success
  • Allowing each family personal space to store their belongings
  • Allowing families to stay together through the crisis of homelessness

Family Promise of WNY combats these stats by. . .

  • Knowing each child in our program and creating an expectation that each child is at school every day
  • Offering our families a ride to school of a child misses the school bus
  • Providing study spaces in our Day Center for homework time
  • Serving our guests a hot, nutritious home-made meal 365 days/year
  • Making sure all our families have signed up with a primary care doctor within the first few weeks of being in our program

Family Promise of WNY combats this reality by. . .

Partnering with Woodforest Bank, who sends representatives to meet one-on-one with our guests to coach them on financial literacy and ensure they are on the road to financial health.