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April 2019 - Our Faithful Partners

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March 2019 - When Everything Else Falls Apart

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February 2019 - Just Around the Corner

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January 2019 - Restoring Dignity

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December 2018 - Dear Family Promise


November 2018 - Counting our Blessings

November 2018 - Counting our Blessings
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October 2018 - Connecting the Dots

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September 2018 - This Is Hope

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August 2018 - Overcoming Mountains

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July 2018 - Answering the Call

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June 2018 - Adding Some Sparkle

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May 2018 - Keeping Our Promises


Last week I was helping a family clean out their room and noticed that one of the girls had carefully tucked each stuffed animal under her covers, heads lined up on her pillow.  In a time of radical transition,  this tender and deliberate act of nurturing has stuck with me.

Beyond  the flowers or cards we might receive this Mother's Day and Father's  Day is the deeper gratitude for the promise all parents make to their  children - to care for them, protect them, guide them, tuck them in at  night.  In times of trauma, this promise becomes even more important.   Not only do hands need to be washed and mouths fed - but fear needs to  be chased away, kids need to be pulled in close, hope needs to be  relentlessly pursued.  It is a tall order for any parent.

Last  month I snapped the picture above of a mom and her kids moving out of  our shelter, keys in hand.  It was an awesome moment and symbolizes the  kind of beautiful stories we help create in Family Promise all year long  - the stories of parents making good on their fundamental promise to  keep their children safe and secure and to help them flourish.  Anyone  who touches this organization knows what a privilege and an honor it is  to bear witness to these promises kept.

Luanne Firestone, Executive Director 

April 2018 - Blessed are the Poor of Heart

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