Our Mission

Family Promise of Western New York, alongside our partners, keeps families experiencing homelessness together by offering emergency housing and compassionate support as they work to find their way back home. 


Our Vision

Family Promise of Western New York seeks to build a community that wraps homeless children and their families in hope. 


Our Values

  • We are Personal - We offer a warm, loving and home-like environment where children and their caregivers can be together as they begin to heal.
  • We are Family-Focused - We put the family in front of us and provide necessary assistance with dignity, empathy and humility.
  • We Promote Self-Determination - We work side-by-side with families - offering opportunities for them to regain control over their lives and reclaim their power.
  • We Build Trust - We foster relationships grounded in respect, transparency and collaboration.
  • We are Goal-Oriented - We are intentional in all our efforts to bring families home and use every resource available to us to ensure their success. 

We Are Different From Other Shelters


Why We Are Different

All emergency shelters provide a meal and a place to sleep.  Because Family Promise of WNY runs a small-scale program, we are able to offer guests an array of services that are above and beyond what typical, bigger shelters can provide:

  • The ability to keep families together, which includes fathers and teenage sons.
  • Intensive case management that is personal and tailored specifically to each family in order to help guests meet their goals.
  • A home-like environment where guests are encouraged to get to know one another and where our staff and volunteers know every one of our guests by name. 
  • A clean and secure building located in a quiet, residential neighborhood that is close to bus lines 1, 2, 15 and 18 and in walking distance of downtown Buffalo.
  • A fully-equipped Day Center where guests can receive mail and which includes internet, telephone, laundry facilities, showers, TV equipped with video games and DVDs and private spaces in which each family can relax, and keep their belongings secure.
  • A hot, nutritious home-cooked dinner every night that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Overnight accommodations at a local congregation.
  • Assistance getting children to school upon entrance to our program while school buses are getting rerouted to the Day Center.
  • Personal space in our shared kitchen to store and cook food.
  • An array of baby items to borrow, such as cribs, strollers, etc.
  • Security Deposit Assistance on a case-by-case basis for families whose only impediment to permanent housing is covering initial rental costs.
  • 1 year of graduate support when families exit our program.
  • An amazing hospitality network of hundreds of volunteers from our community who serve over 18,000 volunteer hours annually.

Check out this video to see what Family Promise of WNY is all about!

Video courtesy of Greg Keith, Director/Filmmaker 

and Grace Lindsey, Producer/Filmmaker