Check out this video to see what Family Promise of WNY is all about!

Video courtesy of Greg Keith, Director/Filmmaker 

and Grace Lindsey, Producer/Filmmaker

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

Family Promise of Western New York, alongside our partners, keeps families experiencing homelessness together by offering emergency housing and compassionate support as they work to find their way back home. 


Our Vision

Family Promise of Western New York seeks to build a community that wraps homeless children and their families in hope. 


Our Values

  • We are Personal - We offer a warm, loving and home-like environment where children and their caregivers can be together as they begin to heal.
  • We are Family-Focused - We put the family in front of us and provide necessary assistance with dignity, empathy and humility.
  • We Promote Self-Determination - We work side-by-side with families - offering opportunities for them to regain control over their lives and reclaim their power.
  • We Build Trust - We foster relationships grounded in respect, transparency and collaboration.
  • We are Goal-Oriented - We are intentional in all our efforts to bring families home and use every resource available to us to ensure their success.