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Garman Family Foundation grants FPWNY $22,500!


In June of 2018, Family Promise of WNY received amazing news - the Garman Family Foundation awarded us a grant of $22,500 which will help us renovate our current guest laundry room and transform it into a family bathroom!  This might sound basic, but we are a family shelter and since we moved our Day Center over a year ago to the old Parish School on the grounds of Saints Columba-Brigid Roman Catholic Church, we have been without enough bathing facilities for our guests.  

This grant will allow us to:

  • Install a bathtub in our Day Center so that our smallest children can bathe
  • Install a tankless water heater so that we stop running out of hot water for showers
  • Install a high-capacity washer and dryer so as to better manage the high volume of bedding in our program
  • Provide our families with a convenient bathroom located next to their sleeping quarters, instead of our current setup which necessitates guests to walk halfway through our building to access 

We are very excited about this upgrade and so thrilled that the Garman Family Foundation could support us in this way.  As we strive to make our program safer and more functional for our guests, we are so grateful to all our supporters - including you!

Family Promise of WNY chosen by J. Fitzgerald Group, Inc. to be recipient of 2018 CreateAthon

FPWNY was chosen by J. Fitzgerald Group, Inc.,  a marketing and communications firm, to be a recipient in their "CreateAthon" project.   Every year, they choose 10 local non-profits to do free creative work for.  Check out this video below for details - and THANK YOU J. Fitzgerald Group!!!