The History of Family Promise

Family Promise of Western New York began as the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Buffalo in 1997.  It was a new affiliate in a national hospitality organization that begun in the '80's with a mission of uniting faith communities in responding to the needs of families experiencing  homelessness.  The Interfaith Hospitality Network changed its name to Family Promise about fifteen years ago and today there are over 200 affiliates nation wide.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Buffalo came to the area through the efforts of a group of pastors and lay people who worked to bring together faith communities in this area who wanted to take a hands-on approach to the problem of homelessness.  The Family Promise community-based model is what distinguishes our organization - we unite hundreds of volunteers from congregations across our community to help us feed, shelter and provide hospitality to our guests.  

Over the years, our Day Center has changed locations several times and faith communities have moved into and out of our network.  However, twenty years later Family Promise of WNY is still operating via a solid network of over 40 faith communities and fulfilling our mission each and every day.  

In 2017, we served 18 families which included over 40 children.   We were able to successfully house 12 of those families.  After doing this for 20 years, we know that the values of compassion,  hospitality and personal attention which are at the foundation of our model really do make a difference in the outcomes of the families we  serve.  We are proud of our record of serving homeless families right here in our Western New York community for decades.