Birthday Squad!


 Make milestones extra special for our families by helping to celebrate birthdays in shelter! We want to ensure that each child has an opporunity to have their special day.

Help provide birthday magic with us. Shoot us an email through the form below. 

Celebration Squad


 Birthdays are not the only special days. We want to make sure that everything from Christmas to Easter, to 4th of July, to back to school, to Halloween is fun and memorable for our families in shelter. 

Join us in providing materials and running fun activities!

Offer a Saturday Surprise!


On Saturdays we invite volunteers into the building to help in a number of ways - bake a special treat with our kids, organize an amazing craft, help garden or plug in in other ways.

Welcome Home Team


Help us with one of our most critical and exciting jobs... Moving families into their new homes! We need strong and reliable volunteers to help.

Check out the description below. 

Be a Homework Helper


Get involved on weekdays after school to offer help in math, read a book or play games. This opportunity often depends on the needs of our families staying with us. 

Reach out for more information. 

Bring a Group!


We invite groups once-a-month to come onsite for a tour, service projects and the chance to learn first hand about the issue of family homelessness.  

Groups can also host fundraisers and donation drives on our behalf within their own communities.  We welcome corporations, schools and faith communities to contact us to get the conversation started.

Volunteer Form


Fill out our Volunteer Information Form so we can learn your interests and availability. 

We will get back to you within 48 hours!

Welcome Home Team

One of our largest problems is FURNITURE, not the donation of furniture, but the transportation of this furniture! 

When our families leave our shelter they often leave in need of kitchen tables, chairs, couches, beds, to name the biggest items. We have gracious donors who give us amazing pieces of furniture... but CANNOT transport this furniture. What WE need is the middle person who can transport! 

Due to this issue we are forming a volunteer base who are able to help us. The Moving Team breaks into two groups: those with trucks or trailers who are willing to do some moving with us, and those who are willing to help lift and move the furniture.  

Jobs would include: 

  • picking up furniture
  • delivering furniture
  • meeting us at families' homes to move furniture in
  • accepting LOTS of thanks from Family Promise staff and families

Opportunities for this would like once a month or two with two week notice. 

IF this sounds like something you are ABLE to do, please reach out! We would LOVE to work with you. Feel free to rope in any friends or family who may also fit this bill. 

Contact Us To Get Involved!

We will get back to you within 48 hours.